Case Studies

Bank Loan Data

 Recently a client requested information to be sent to a lender for an overdraft facility application. Within 10 minutes the lender had received copies of the previous 8 years accounts. The normal process here would have required searching for paper copies, probably taking weeks not minutes.

Accounting Process Efficiency

 About five years ago a client approached PABAL about addressing its accounting needs. They had been paying approximately $10000 pa (GST Exclusive) for this service. Following our standard approach of training the client in efficient processing and not reworking the data to suit an in-house accounting system, the annual accounting fee is now approximately $5000 pa.

 The client is now using their data for decision making purposes as it is available on a real time basis.

Data Loss

 Recently a client had the server they maintained their accounting records on corrupted by a virus that also managed to destroy their recent backups. PABAL was able to replace all records (including e-mail correspondence) within minutes. As the client was a two monthly GST filer, the most recent review of the accounting file had occurred only two weeks prior to the infection, thus virtually no data was lost.